• lncRNA研究

    国内学者使用Arraystar LncRNA 芯片服务发表的SCI成果

    Hypoxia-induced lncHILAR promotes renal cancer cell invasion and metastasis via ceRNA for the miR-613/206/1-1-3p/Jagged-1/Notch/CXCR4 signaling pathway . Molecular Therapy . 2021 NEW!

    Long noncoding RNA ERLR mediates epithelial-mesenchymal transition of retinal pigment epithelial cells and promotes experimental proliferative vitreoretinopathy . Cell Death & Differentiation . 2021 NEW!

    lncRNA TUG1 as a ceRNA promotes PM exposure-induced airway hyper-reactivity . Journal of Hazardous Materials . 2021 NEW!

    LncCCLM inhibits lymphatic metastasis of cervical cancer by promoting STAU1-mediated IGF-1 mRNA degradation . Cancer Letters . 2021 NEW!

    Long noncoding RNA HCP5 participates in premature ovarian insufficiency by transcriptionally regulating MSH5 and DNA damage repair via YB1 . Nucleic Acids Research . 2020

    H. pylori infection alters repair of DNA double-strand breaks via SNHG17 . The Journal of Clinical Investigation . 2020

    lncRNA JPX/miR-33a-5p/Twist1 axis regulates tumorigenesis and metastasis of lung cancer by activating Wnt/β-catenin signaling . Molecular Cancer . 2020

  • circRNA研究

    国内学者使用Arraystar CircRNA 芯片服务发表的SCI成果

    The circACTN4 interacts with FUBP1 to promote tumorigenesis and progression of breast cancer by regulating the expression of proto-oncogene MYC . Molecular cancer . 2021 NEW!

    CircMEMO1 modulates the promoter methylation and expression of TCF21 to regulate hepatocellular carcinoma progression and sorafenib treatment sensitivity . Molecular cancer . 2021 NEW!

    Targeting Mitochondria-Located circRNA SCAR Alleviates NASH via Reducing mROS Output . Cell . 2020 NEW!

    Extracellular Vesicle-Mediated Delivery of CircSCMH1 Promotes Functional Recovery in Rodent and Nonhuman Primate Ischemic Stroke Models . Circulation . 2020

    A Noncoding Regulatory RNAs Network Driven by Circ‐CDYL Acts Specifically in the Early Stages Hepatocellular Carcinoma . Hepatology . 2020

    N6-methyladenosine modification of circNSUN2 facilitates cytoplasmic export and stabilizes HMGA2 to promote colorectal liver metastasis . Nature Communications . 2020

    A Noncoding Regulatory RNAs Network Driven by Circ‐CDYL Acts Specifically in the Early Stages Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Hepatology. 2019

  • 表观转录研究


    ALKBH5 regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regeneration by demethylating the mRNA of YTHDF1 . Theranostics . 2021 NEW!

    ALKBH5-mediated m6A mRNA Methylation Governs Human Embryonic Stem Cell Cardiac Commitment . Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids . 2021 NEW!

    ALKBH5 suppresses tumor progression via an m 6 A-dependent epigenetic silencing of pre-miR-181b-1/YAP signaling axis in osteosarcoma . Cell Death & Disease . 2021 NEW!

    N6-Methyladenosine Modification of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Messenger RNA in Circular RNA STAG1-Regulated Astrocyte Dysfunction and Depressive-like Behaviors. . Biological Paychiatry . 2020 NEW!

    SIRT1 regulates N6‐methyladenosine RNA modification in hepatocarcinogenesis by inducing RANBP2‐dependent FTO SUMOylation . Hepatology . 2020 NEW!

  • 表观遗传研究


    Histone demethylase KDM6A promotes somatic cell reprogramming by epigenetically regulating the PTEN and IL‐6 signal pathways . STEM CELLS . 2020 NEW!

    Multi-generational obesogenic effects of sulfomethoxazole on Caenorhabditis elegans through epigenetic regulation . Journal of Hazardous Materials . 2019 NEW!

  • Small RNA研究

    国内学者使用Small RNA服务发表的SCI成果

    A miR-146a-5p/TRAF6/NF-kB p65 axis regulates pancreatic cancer chemoresistance: functional validation and clinical significance . Theranostics . 2020 NEW!

    Regulation of cancer stem cell properties, angiogenesis, and vasculogenic mimicry by miR-450a-5p/SOX2 axis in colorectal cancer . Cell Death & Disease . 2020 NEW!